Maria Fedoryka

Ave Maria University, FL

Dr. Maria Fedoryka (USA) is associate professor of philosophy at Ave Maria University in Florida. She lectures and publishes in both academic and popular fora in the field of the philosophy of love, examining issues spanning from the centrality of love in the being of God, to its role at the center of creation, to its meaning for marriage, family, and sexuality. She appeared in the “Humanum” video series released in 2014 at the Vatican’s conference on marriage and family.

Among her scholarly writings are an analysis of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s philosophy of marital intimacy and procreation titled Finis superabundant Operis: Refining an Ancient Cause for Understanding the Spousal Act in the ACPQ, and “‘God is Love’: Personal Plurality as the Completion of Aristotle’s Notion of Substance and Love as the Absolute Ground of the Divine Being” forthcoming in the Proceedings of the ACPA.

Among her popular publications are the booklet The Special Gift of Women for God, the Family and the World published by the Catholic Truth Society in England and an article in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review titled “Gender: What is it and Why does it Matter?” Seeking to expand the current Catholic philosophical defense of traditional marriage, she is preparing an article focusing not only on its procreative, but also on its unitive dimension as making impossible same-sex “marriage”.

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