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Rolduc Abbey is one of the most important religious monuments of The Netherlands: it’s the largest abbey complex of the Benelux and one of the Dutch UNESCO Top 100 monuments. You can feel the abbey’s rich history everywhere throughout the building. The abbey is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and it is only a short distance away from sights and experiences in the border area. The hotel has comfortable rooms for a relaxing stay in a beautiful historical atmosphere, at a special location.

Rolduc Abbey

Founded in 1104 by Ailbertus van Antoing, Rolduc Abbey has a long and mostly prosperous history. It was an Augustinian abbey until 1796, and has been home to several seminaries and an influential Catholic boarding school since then.

Pope Paul VI appointed and consecrated Joannes Gijsen (in Rome) as Bishop of Roermond in 1972. Soon after, in 1974, Gijsen opened up his own seminary in a wing of the abbey complex of Rolduc for the formation of his diocesan priests. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the commission supervising the founding of the seminary and visited it in 1981. To express his solidarity with the seminary, Pope Paul VI offered a chalice to the newly established seminary community.

At present, the abbey still houses the major seminary for the Diocese of Roermond and several other educational institutions. It also serves as a hotel and conference center. Here’s a 1 minute video which will introduce you into the unique atmosphere of this beautiful venue.

We suggest going to the hotel website or to wikipedia for more information.

The Abbey church

All Masses during the Symposium will be celebrated in the beautiful romanesque abbey church. It dates largely from the 12th century and was restored to its former glory toward the end of the 19th century. Both the church and the crypt are well known for their richly carved capitals. The abbey also has a beautiful rococo library with an important collection of books which was once the pride of the Meuse region.

For those interested, we will try to arrange a tour of the abbey.

Can’t wait to see it? Check out the virtual tour on the hotel website.

Surrounding area

Rolduc Abbey is situated in the middle of the beautiful Dutch Province of South-Limburg, directly at the German border and only a short distance away from Belgium. Cities like Maastricht, Heerlen, Aken en Valkenburg are only 30 minutes away.

Not far from the abbey, you can discover beautiful nature reserves by foot or by bicycle, like the “Worm” valley or the “Anstel” valley. The well-known “Heuvelland” region is also nearby.

The Parkstad Limburg region (consisting of the municipalities of Kerkrade, Heerlen, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Nuth, Voerendaal en Simpelveld) offers many tourist attractions, festivals, events and sights. In 2016 this region even won the Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2016 in the category ‘Best Travel Destination in the World’!

You can find all kinds of information about the surroundings on the website of the tourist information office VVV Zuid-Limburg.

Comfortable rooms

Rolduc offers four types of rooms:
* Prices below are for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) and include breakfast & taxes.

Economy single rooms (€ 65)

These are like the economy doubles, but only for one person per room.

Economy double rooms (€ 110, or € 55 for individuals sharing with a friend or willing to share with an assigned roommate)

These are plain but fine rooms (2-star) with bedroom, sink and/or shower, free Wi-Fi and a shared bathroom on the floor.

Comfort single rooms (€ 125)

These are like the comfort doubles below, but only for one person per room.

Comfort double rooms (€ 170, or € 85 for individuals sharing with a friend or willing to share with an assigned roommate)

These are comfortable hotel rooms (3-star) with private bathroom (shower or bath & toilet), bedroom, flat screen TV, telephone and free Wi-Fi.

** A few larger rooms may be available as well. Please contact us via email if you are interested in one of those:
• One 7 person room with shower and toilet
• Two 10 person rooms with shower and toilet
One 4 person economy room with wash basin

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